Monday, July 23, 2007


Flesh, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

This photo represents 14th July in the photo a day for July challenge. I've complained before about the photographic blight that is Saturday and Sunday most weeks, so I'm afraid this post consists of two items from the genre we might term "World of my Garden".

That said, I'm quite pleased with this one, taken with the FE, Nikkor 50mm and a Jessops +4 dioptre close up filter. The close up filter is an odd beast, imparting a sort of dreamy soft focus feel to almost everything, which I thought suited this gently decaying fuschia flower.

This may well be one picture that's better in black and white, as I think the intense colours of the flower might have overpowered everything else in the frame.

The title was originally "Sins of the Flesh", but got cut down at the point of uploading.

Rose, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

I'd not intended this to be a double post (or even a post at all), but I was knackered on Saturday night, and developing on Sunday, so here it is.

Sunday the 15th saw another day of being stuck inside, so the close up filter went on again and I worked 3 or four frames of this rose, from some flowers I'd got for the missus on our anniversary ( on the 13th). I liked this best of the bunch (arf!) because of the dark space around it, although I have a number where the flower fills the frame that are quite appealing too.

This Sunday (22nd) was spent at the Manchester Flickr Group meet - I managed to finish the roll of HP5+ I had on the go at the time, and to take a further ten frames after that, so hopefully Sunday 22nd's pic is somewhere in there.

Both rolls from last week were finished yesterday, developed at about 11:30pm, and cut ready for scanning this morning.

My hands still smell of fixer too - the stink of creativity, as I believe it's known in some circles :)

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