Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Funny How they Follow You Around the Room

Today's Photo a Day for July picture was taken on my way back from the Blank Canvas exhibition.

This is a detail of the large piece that replaced the Stevenson Square Robot - essentially, it's a giant blue monster. I took a number of straight on, documentary type pictures of it, but nothing really clicked until I started to look for detail. This isn't my finest moment in this year's PaD, but I don't think it too shabby. Irritatingly, I could probably have come up with something better, had I thought quicker on my feet, as I got chatting to a fellow film shooter about cameras, and I daresay I'd have gotten a portrait if I'd thought to ask.

I'm hopeful for better things from today's shooting - counters are at 20 on the FE, and 21 on the F3. The F3 is largely portraits of one of my friends and co-workers, who is moving on to better things at the end of the week - I'm hopeful that I can mark the occasion with a decent portrait.

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