Saturday, July 14, 2007

Late Developer

Late Developer
Late Developer, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Today's Photo a Day for July effort was taken shortly after developing (or possibly between inversions, I forget) the test roll of Arista Pro 50 I ran off last Saturday, and finished the roll of Agfa APX 400 that I'd shot in the first week of the challenge.

It seems a fitting picture to end this first batch with, to me. In the frame you can see the shadows from my drainer, my winchester bottle of fixer, the Bertolli jar I use for stop bath, my G-Shock watch (the countdown timer being handy for development timing) and the jug I put my fixer in when I'm testing it on the film leader.

The shots on the roll of Arista from this day are what I'd describe as "The World of My Garden". I tend to start weekends with grandiose plans for getting to places and photographing interesting things, and end up stuck inside because of the sodding rain. Still, maybe tomorrow...

Speaking of which, no development tonight, as the F3 is on 32, and the FE on 35. I found my close up filter today, and have been experimenting with it a little on the 135/2.8 Series E, and 100/2.8 Series E. Stuff certainly looked ok through the viewfinder, so I'm hopeful that finished rolls tomorrow may reveal some nice shots.

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brendadada said...

Like this. Your darkroom/kitchen sink offer a lot of possibilities for photography. Would make a good illustration for a how-to post, too.