Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Qualities, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Reasoning, Causality, Planning, Humour, Mirthfulness and Wit. I guess at this point in the Photo a Day for July Challenge we might feel at the end of our reserves of each, although I have fairly positive memories of this day (18th July) so far as I recall.

The choice today was between a number of "Around the Home" style macros, and a couple of shots of my beautiful wife's fantastic legs. Given that, going for this detail of a phrenology head might seem a somewhat odd choice, indeed, looking at the words written, I'm tempted to agree.

However - there is a better composition of the legs shot though, and a number of weak points in the one I took on the 18th, so I'm leaving it for now, with the hope of retaking it later in the month.

PAD shooting so far today has been entirely done on the FE, with the frame counter now reading 16. I'm reasonably confident of some good stuff in those frames, so not overly worried about shooting anything on the F3 at this point.

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