Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Ride

Smallwood, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

This particular shot is from a very pleasant ride last Sunday - 30 miles or so (30.43 according to the bike computer).

The route is on here and looks a lot squigglier on the map (see below) than I remember it being. The portion up to Sandbach is a fairly regular Sunday outing, allowing me to drop off the post for the previous owners of our house, and then put in a few more miles on top of the "necessary" part of the journey.

I arrived at this route largely by following my nose, and found it pretty pleasant overall, other than the stretch of the Newcastle Road, which I turned off as soon as I could towards Astbury. There wasn't much traffic around, but any that was will have been greeted by this sign on entering the village of Smallwood. I've probably been cycling in Manchester too long, but for a moment I thought the pictures represented acceptable targets for motorists (don't run over the bunnies, splat the tortoises). I quickly realised that it was a fabular representation of the sign on the other side of the village ("Please Drive Courteously") taking the hare and tortoise as its motif.

Astbury is slightly further on, and was where I turned 'round to head home - I rather wish I'd carried on, as I had to add two miles or so of familiar road to bring up 30 miles on the bike computer. Maybe next week.

The bike is shown here fully set up for weekend riding (as it is below) with the "good" wheels (Mavic Aksiums) "fast" tyres (Continental GP4000 700x23C) and road pedals (Ultegra SPD-SL). The mudguards didn't come off because some rain was being forecast, although I managed to get home before it materialised.


I've attempted to follow the rules for Bicycle Photography here, namely;

  1. Cranks Level
  2. Valves at Bottom of the Wheel
  3. Chainrings facing the viewer.
I did, however, forget to put the chain on the largest chainring and smallest sprocket.