Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Locks, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Three different takes (and hopefully sufficiently different takes) on one subject today, shot with three different cameras.

The first is above, a detail of the locks holding this shed door secure against malefactors. The film in use here (for it is a film shot) is Fujichrome Velvia RVP, and as you might notice, it's quite a contrasty, saturated film.

Door, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Next up is a digital shot of the door as a whole - I took similar detail views to the others in this post with the D70 too, but have to be honest and say that both the Velvia and Adox blew them away in terms of the texture and contrast rendered. I thought it might be interesting to show the difference, and the larger whole from which the details are taken though.

Hinge and Shadows
Hinge and Shadows, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Bookending this post is another detail shot, this time of one of the door's hinges. I think I have this shot on Velvia and digital too. I chose this Adox CHS25 shot over them because of the shadows, and because it's just lovely, lovely film, and I offer thanks yet again to The Wishy for introducing me to it.

In both film shots, I have to add that in this case they're pretty much as they came off the scanner (resizing for the web being the only post processing) even the fabulously bonkers saturation of the Velvia shot is all there in the original slide.

In't film brilliant?

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