Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Dream of Summer

A Dream of Summer
A Dream of Summer, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Today's posted shot for the July photo a day challenge is this, an advertisement for Salsa classes in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It seems a bit incongruous in the grime of the Northern Quarter, particularly in the current weather, hence the title.

I seem to have taken a number of detail shots of larger things this day, although this was the one I liked best of all of them from 5th July. This is one of two versions of this shot, the second being a slightly different angle - I really like the figures being along the diagonal though, and so went with this.

Today, my film counters stand at 26 on the FE, and 27 on the F3. I'm reasonably confident that I have something good, but I feel much of the month is going to proceed in the shadow of my favourite shots so far, the portraits I took on the 4th.

Lastly, I wanted to mention something of interest to Mancunians - Blank Canvas is an exhibition of work set up on the ground floor of a building in Edge Street, Manchester. Their own description of it is;

an exhibition involving both students and practicing artists, named due to its lack of restrictions placed upon the artists involved, the only restriction being the limits of their imaginations! Each artist has chosen and created their own pieces and the result is an exciting and eclectic collection of works. The exhibition includes a broad range of painting styles, photography and installation.

They're only there for a few more days (tomorrow (13th July) and Saturday (14th), so get down there if you're able to.

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