Monday, July 2, 2007

Eglwys Santes Fair / Saint Mary's Church

Today's page of context starts with this, a shot that self consciously echoes one my wife took in the same church last year. The church is Saint Mary's, in Newport Pembrokeshire.

The light in here is beautiful, and I'm quite sure that my picture barely begins to do it justice.

The film is Ilford HP5+, and development was in Ilfotec DD-X.

Building, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Just across the road from the church is this derelict building, gradually being overtaken by Ivy. I have a shot of this on Velvia too, which I'll retrieve and post at some point.

Field / Road, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

I've teased Stu at times about layby landscape photography, but I have to own up to the last of today's pictures all being taken from a layby on the A487, on our way back from Aberystwyth.

Fence / Path / Fence, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Looking at the shots, I notice that I only shot film, and slow stuff at that here - I guess I'm becoming more confident in my ability to get something usable from 35mm. I suppose you, dear viewer, can judge whether that's warranted or not.

This shot, and its companion above are both taken on the quite wonderful Adox CHS50, developed in R09. That, plus the vignetting of the Vivitar lens give this vintage look I really find appealing.

By the Seaside #1, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

This final shot is what I'd think of as a typical Velvia shot. The colours look absolutely bananas, but looking again at the slide, the scanned shot and slide are much the same in terms of contrast and saturation.

In other news, the July photo a day challenge rumbles on - I note that my frame counters stand at 12 on the F3 (Agfa APX400) and 12 on the FE (Arista Pro 50). This means that I'm streaking ahead of my 5 frame per day target, although a lot of those will be doubled up, or slightly different takes on one subject.

The pressure of getting something worthy of posting each day tells a bit on film, as one can never *really* be sure that the shot is in the bag (although a lot of the time you have a pretty good idea). I am, however, determined to do this year's on film, just to show that it can be done -hopefully the weather will co-operate, and I won't have to do "the world of my garden" for too many days...

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