Monday, July 23, 2007


Boxed, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Kicking off last week's shots from the Photo a Day for July Challenge is this bit of architectural detail from Manchester's Northern Quarter. This represents Day 16, and was vying for it's spot with a more straightforwardly attractive architectural picture. This one won out in the end, largely on the strength of my gut feeling about it being the stronger (albeit less obvious in its appeal) of the two.

This particular week of shots will be all Ilford, as the FE was loaded with FP4+, and the F3 with HP5+. Both films were developed last night in 1+4 Ilfotec DD-X, and scanned this evening, hence the late post, and lack of anything else, as I'm a bit tired.

In terms of today's PaD shooting, the FE is on 6, and the F3 16. The F3 has a roll of HP5+ that I loaded on Sunday, and the FE a roll of Efke KB100, a film I've never shot before, and will be interested to see once it's been developed.

The FE is mostly city fragments, and the F3 some portraits of the staff of a fruit stall in town, who were kind enough to allow me to take their pictures. I'm beginning to get the hang (although the developed film may tell its own tale) of focusing the manual focus Nikkors on the move, and was able to shoot as the guys moved around serving customers - I'm hopeful for some good stuff from those frames.

Lastly, you might have noticed some additional links on my PaD pictures - there are links to the relevant day's tags, so that this year and last year's pictures can be compared. Overall I'm pretty pleased, myself, and don't think the comparison is too unflattering to my photographic progress so far.

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