Friday, July 13, 2007

The Artist and the Hippo

The Artist and the Hippo
The Artist and the Hippo, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

This is today's Photo a Day for July effort (actually taken on the 6th of July - shooting film means I'm posting a week behind).

This is a picture from an event in Albert Square, Manchester, that Wild in Art were running. As part of it they'd invited some local urban artists to decorate some of the larger animals, and one of them invited me along to have a look at the hippopotamus he'd been tasked with decorating.

As I only had the lunch hour to see it in, I never got to see the finished article, sadly - it sold before the end of the day, and should be on its way to its new owner in France even now. I've been nipped back a couple of times, and shot some frames of colour too (if I'm honest, probably more suitable for this). They won't form part of the photo a day challenge because the turnaround time of lab developed film isn't really fast enough unless I shoot a roll in two or three days.

In terms of current progress on the PaD, the F3 is at 29 frames, and the FE at 30. I should have a good portrait on the F3, hopefully, that can also be used in my White Suit project, and some nice detail of another work from Wild in Art (an elephant painted with a cityscape - a really amazing piece).

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