Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yehuda Moon: Custom caps from Walz Caps - cotton, wool, and cold weather

Who would have thought that you could meet so many interesting people just by starting your own cycling cap business? We may be small and we may be young, but we have met a lifetime's worth of fantastic people and we are pleased as punch to start collaborating with a few of them.

For collaboration number one, we would like to introduce Rick Smith and Yehuda Moon. We first stumbled upon the comic strip when we noticed that Yehuda Moon- the idealist, dreaming, shop owning, bicycle advocate- was wearing a very familiar cycling cap. After reading a few of Rick Smith's comic strips, we knew this was something we wanted to support.

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Some nice, custom "Yehuda Moon" cycling caps from Walz, in cotton, wool, and the very practical wool with ear flaps.

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