Friday, January 28, 2011

Well, There are Lots of Trees, but Where on Earth is the Wood?

If ever there was proof that Britons are irrevocably wedded to the car, it's this article, on the BBC Website.

The article muses on how at risk cyclists are from the pollution produced by motor traffic. The solution? Simply measure and publish the pollution measurements so that cyclists can choose "when and where to cycle".

The assumptions made show just how staggeringly car centric our country is; that the pollution from motor traffic is, effectively, beyond mitigation, that cyclists (and presumably pedestrians) would not be commuting (like the drivers) and so can pick and choose the time of their journeys (having nowhere important to be on time), and that the "solution" is simply to get everyone out of the way of the cars, trucks and buses.

Still, it's one problem that Philip Hammond's electri-magical cars can actually solve, I suppose.

Unless you cycle near a power station.

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