Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Naturally Cycling Manchester: Conversation with local postie & his bike…

Today I was in Didsbury … despite the rain, cycling was still the most straightforward way for me to get there, and how glad I was I did cycle!

As usual, I went to park Vita outside the library. As I dismounted I looked up and who do I see? My old work’s postie on his bike! After few “Hello! How are you?” he noticed that my bike is a Pashley and smiled saying “The RM bikes are Pashley!”… I smiled back and said I know!!

As he seemed able to spare a minute or two I asked him what was happening to the RM bikes in Manchester  (as I have been interested in the whole shenanigans), as I heard in Milton Keynes RM has phased out its bikes fleet already. He said that they were going to do the same in Manchester, but when it came to it they THEN realise that not only did they not have the money for it (doh!) to replace one bike with one van but that they just didn’t have the space for it!

Remember this?

42 Brompton bikes in a car space - (c)Brompton

Interesting piece on Naturally Cycling Manchester about the Royal Mail delivery service and bikes.

Ditching bikes has always seemed to be a backward step, to me, particularly given the inexorable rise in the cost of fuel (in general, oil is not getting easier to find, or cheaper to extract), and the potential for yet more speeding vehicles in residential areas. Despite that, the space implications at RM depots themselves hadn't occurred to me, but is blindingly obvious now I think of it.

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