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This is really very funny. I especially like the shouting out the window bit (that it comes out as un-intelligible garbage is entirely true, personally I always imagine it's a compliment about my bottom, or something.)


Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring/Summer 2011 Runway from LAT Videos on Vimeo.

Moncler launched a cycling themed haute couture collection at the Vigorelli velodrome. Whilst I'm not certain the gear will be as good for riding in as Rapha's undoubtedly is, (those bike pattern capes in particular look like a colossal pain in the arse) it's certainly going to be more expensive.

Cycling Weekly has its own take here.

The only problem I have with cycling being fashionable, is that at some point, it inevitably becomes unfashionable once again. Once the trendies ditch it, what happens then? The optimists hope that the majority of people keep pedalling, having seen the convenience of getting about a city by bike. I hope they're right.

I love this idea. As noted on the Urban Velo blog;
Basically you get a black and yellow diamond shape car window sticker with Pace Car on it. By having this sticker you agree to abide by the road rules and be courteous to cyclists (and obey the 1.5 meter rule) and pedestrians.
It's simple, and it's done by one of the few road users motor traffic will take notice of, i.e. other motor traffic. It's sad that everyone can't drive in the way the pace car programme suggests (after all, this is how they're taught to drive) but the idea of setting an example with your own driving is an excellent one.

There's a new Velocast!

"But the riders make the race, and here's where Belgium is unique. Almost everywhere else the top riders are guarding their form. Only in Belgium can top international stars be planning as much for their home nats as for the Tour -- or more so, in some cases."
A good piece at Podium Café about the Belgian National Championships.

There seem to be echoes of last year's "The road will decide" attitude in this year's pronouncements from Mr. Armstrong about the tour.

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