Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A couple of things from Phil Plait's excellent "Bad Astronomy" blog;

This amazing picture shows the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Secondly, he discusses the finding of evidence that life *could* exist on Saturn's moon Titan. It's not so much that, as the fact of Titan itself, the solar system's second largest moon, and bigger than Mercury or Pluto (PLANETS, ffs)! The universe is an amazing place.


Today's "The System" is pleasingly recursive.

PVP comments on today's landmark release of "Invincible Iron Man" (digital and print editions on the same release date). The fact that the digital copy is priced at *more* than the print edition shows just how badly publishers are still missing the point (imo, anyway).

I have to admit, I'm already sick of the World Cup, largely because everyone keeps telling me how much I love it (thanks, popular culture). When the tournament starts, I may start to feel better disposed towards it, admittedly.

However, there will almost certainly be something of interest at the Science of Sport Blog, which is beginning a series related to football and the World Cup this week.

Non-fans may also find this "World Cup Translated into American" guide of use.
Germany, for example, are The Dallas Cowboys;
"They may not have won the big game the most times, but they’re close. And no one’s been to that game more than them. They’re hard to root for if you’re not from there, moreso than France, even. That’s partly cultural, sure, but it’s mostly because they do so much damn winning (especially in the '70s and '90s). The team is always made up of a combination of straight-laced leaders and absolute looney-tunes. It’s dysfunctional but seems to work. One of the all-time great squads, like ‘em or not."
Also related to the world cup, I saw Greater Manchester Police's "Football Hero" campaign on a couple of busses today. Reading the poster, it seems being a Football Hero is easy, just don't get plastered, and if you do, don't then kick someone's head in (although on the experience of last time, even this may be beyond some "fans"). You can read more about the campaign, and get a free World Cup planner/poster here.

There is a new Velocast. Do I really need to say more?

There's also a new As It Occurs To Me (AITOM!) - it should be said that this isn't for everyone, within the first ten minutes there'd been blasphemy, sexual swearwords, fictional incest (you get the idea) it is VERY funny though.

Salsa Cycles have interviewed nutritionist Namrita O'Dea about eating for riding. Apparently it goes beyond sticking some winegums and a bit of soreen in your jersey pockets, who knew?

Cosmo has a good round up of the pre tour races here. As he points out Vacansoleil continue to show the UCI & ASO that they're deserving of a place that sadly, they don't have.

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