Thursday, August 16, 2007


Victory, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

We begin today with another digital shot of the War Memorial at Aberystwyth, on Castle Point, as featured in previous posts.

This is a detail of the Victory figure on the top of the monument. For more details, and an overall view of the piece, see this post.

Chairs, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Here's some more Adox CHS25, souped in APH09. I really love the look of this film, and I quite like this shot. It was originally intended to be part of the "Legs" project, but I ummed and ahhed about whether the Leg-ness of it was plain enough for it to belong there. My feeling is that the subject is far more the chairs as a whole, and so it wasn't included.

The picture was taken just off Oxford Road in Manchester, outside Felcini's restaurant. The canal towpath affords a nice low viewpoint, and I couldn't resist one shot making the most of the lines in their decking. I must return here again, as their chefs a) wear whites and b) often take their breaks outside.

It Came From Outer Space
It Came From Outer Space, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Another Adox CHS25 shot - this time in Barbolli Square, Manchester. Not one of my best, but I do like the large sculpture that dominates the left of the frame. This photograph is an attempt to convey the otherworldliness of the stone in this setting.

Diamond, originally uploaded by John the Monkey.

Lastly, some Velvia, and a detail of Krek's piece on New Wakefield Street (you can see another part of it in "E for Eyes" and "O for Orange"). I really like this piece, it's so rich in detail that one can have any number of photographic takes on it.

Sadly, the place that the LCE on Picadilly Gardens used to send my slide film to has gone bust. Whilst I can still send stuff to Peak, I suppose, I think it's a bit of a shame, and probably indicative (although I wish it wasn't) of where film is headed.

Lastly, I apologise for my absence in terms of posting and commenting lately - I've been away for a few weeks (France, Bognor Regis, Somerset), and then busy processing the films (4x rolls of black and white of various speeds). I hope to resume a more normal pace soon :)

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