Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rivendell Day - Sort of.

I seem to have been posting and tweeting about Rivendell Bicycle Works a lot today.

Still, some more won't hurt.

Interview with Grant about the company;

“When I’m interested in something and want to know about it, or at least want to, or need to, get a good one — whatever it is — I want to talk to somebody who knows everything about it. Specs don’t tell me that, but the guy who sells them, or has sold them for 20 years, or the guy who repairs them — he knows. And I want to know what he does. Who doesn’t?”

It's from a "Peeking through the Knothole" post that seems to have been deleted, sadly, as it was interesting (about the idea of Artificial Scarcity) and bigged up Surly bikes, which is no bad thing.

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