Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Urban Velo: Mission Workshop Monty

The Monty roll-top messenger bag is designed for commuters. Dubbed a “small utility bag,” it features a rolltop cargo compartment, quick-access outboard pockets and two internal zippered pockets.

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I have to say, for a small utility bag, that looks FREAKIN' HUGE to me.

Some nice features though - if carrying your stuff on you is your thing (I don't on long rides, but quite often do on errands) this could be right up your street.

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Red Bike said...

I prefer panniers / a rack, but a pannier rack + mud-guards always seems to make the bike feel alot heavier.

John the Monkey said...

Carradice is a pretty good compromise, I reckon. Although I'm just about to put my rack back on because I need to use the light plate again over winter.