Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Good: The Self-Repair Manifesto

The folks behind iFixit have drafted a Self-Repair Manifesto that instills in consumers a sense of DIY zeal—not only to empower us but also to create less collective waste. To spread the word, they're giving away 1,500 free manifesto posters. Here's a look at the manifesto:

Self-Repair Manifesto

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I'm not sure whether all cyclists are inveterate bodgers and fettlers, but I certainly am.

I'm still slightly cross with myself for buying wheels that have proprietary spokes (although they are VERY nice wheels) as they can't be fixed up with bits I can pick up easily and cheaply.

There's a satisfaction in fixing things, and in extending their useful life. As bikes are, mechanically, generally fairly simple[1], they're ideal for this approach.

[1] Internally geared hubs exempted.

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Karl McCracken (twitter: @karlonsea) said...


This is just so true. I'm fairly mechanically minded, yet even I get pressure from the dominant replace-recycle thinking. When you repair something for yourself, you get a huge sense of achievement - especially if its something you hadn't previously understood.