Friday, October 22, 2010

From Bike Commuters: Rainy Day Biking reflective fender mudflaps

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They're not sexy, but it's the time of year that the commuter's thoughts turn to mudguards, waterproofs, and other ways of keeping the rain & roadspray off you and the bike.

Full 'guards are good for this, but I've been thinking of some proper mudflaps to keep my feet, drivetrain, and the folk behind me drier for a little while. These, from Rainy Day Biking have the added advantage of giving your bike some extra visibility in the dark. Read the full test at Bike Commuters (link below the picture).

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Red Bike said...

I hate mud-guards, but I hate a wet bum and cold feet more!

John the Monkey said...

:D Likewise - hate following folk who don't have them too, very common on the commute into Manchester!