Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Sort of Cyclist Are You?

Like any group of people interested in things, some cyclists have an urge to classify their two wheeled brethren.

I don't really have any answer to offer here, although I do think some sort of Cosmo style "What Sort of Cyclist Are You?" quiz would be helpful.

My contribution would be this question;

Another cyclist waves to you - do you;

a) Wave back
b) Give a slight, barely perceptible nod
c) Wonder whose party you met them at
d) Mentally assess the net worth of their bicycle and kit, waving only if it matches or exceeds your the value of your own bicycle and kit
e) Look around to see who they were waving at
f) Ignore them, they're probably some sort of serial killer
g) Ignore them, otherwise you'd be waving at everyone, and where would that end up?
h) Ignore them, as your goal is to normalise cycling, therefore there should be nothing unusual about seeing another cyclist that merits such a gesture and as such you should obviously SHUN this traitor to the cause

(My answer is A, incidentally).

1 comment:

Dave Wyman said...

I'm A) - but hardly anyone one ever waves at me. I'll receive the slight head nod on occasion, which I'll make in return, if I haven't offered one first.

I'm much more likely to get honked at than waved at.