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The Monkey RSS Folder - An Update

This is an update of a post I made a little while ago - if you read that, my new podcasts are marked *NEW* (well, duh).  I'd particularly commend the Flammecast (cycling) and Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown (comedy) to you.  The Pod Delusion's "Extra" feed is full of gems (Natalie Haynes' talk at the BHA conference, Mark Stevenson's "Optimists Tour of the Future") if you like science, skepticism &c.


Been meaning to do this for a while, but this is a list of the stuff I *try* to catch each episode, or stuff I've enjoyed that's on hiatus but worth subscribing to either for the back catalogue, or a possible new series. 

The categories are a bit arbitrary (The Amateur Scientist would fit in Science and Skepticsm too, and Collings and Herrin might possibly fit in news) but do represent what I listen to them for.


Most of the links below go to title pages rather than the RSS itself - I thought this better, as a description for each 'cast would make this a very long post.  I subscribe via RSS - I think most of the 'casts have an iTunes feed too, but I can't say for sure as I don't use iTunes.

All the feeds are free, and some have a "tip jar" system for you to donate to the creators if you like the content - others have subscriptions, and some will encourage you to pick up the authors' work or merchandise in other, paid media if you like what they're doing.


The Adam and Joe Show

Adam's Big Mixtape

Comedy of the Week (Radio 4) *NEW*

Collins and Herring (6 Music Show)

Friday Night Comedy (Radio 4)

Jon Holmes

Mike Detective (spoof of Pulp Private Eye Stories) *NEW*


No Pressure to Be Funny (NSFW - some bad language) *NEW*

One Life Left

Onion Radio News

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown (NSFW - bad language, and depending on who's on it, adult themes) *NEW*

Richard Herring's As It Occurs To Me (NSFW - lots of bad language & adult themes)

The Amateur Scientist (NSFW - occasional bad language & adult themes)

The Collings and Herrin Podcast (NSFW - lots of bad language & adult themes)

What Are You Laughing At? (the British Comedy Guide's new podcast about comedy) *NEW*

What's So Funny? (Another one about comedy, this time from Radio 4 Extra - presented by Rufus Hound) *NEW*

You Look Nice Today (NSFW - occasional bad language & adult themes)



Bike to Work Book Podcast

Carrément Vélo (in French)

Cycling Central (Not sure if this one will survive to the next update - like the ITV one, it's a national broadcaster's cast, but unlike the ITV one, seems to assume that people who don't follow cycling will find it all a bit silly - I may just not be getting the humour) *NEW*

Flammecast (occasional bad language) *NEW*

ITV Tour De France Podcast

NY Velocity

Real Peloton

The Bikescape Podcast

The Bike Show

The Podcast

The Spokesmen

The Velocast

Veloclub Don Logan



Test Match Special



Costing the Earth

NPR: Environment Podcast

TreeHugger Radio


Other Factual (Documentaries, History &c)

A Point of View

Documentary of the Week *NEW*

In Our Time

Philosophy Bites

Radio 4 Choice

Thinking Allowed



Laura Speaks Dutch

The French Podclass


Music & Film


Desert Island Discs


JJ's Smoking Sessions

Little White Earbuds

Kermode & Mayo's Film Review

NinjaTune Ninjacast

Three From Leith

Whomix Radio



News & Current Affairs

Global News (Round up of the news of the day from the BBC World Service)


File on Four

Broadcasting House

From Our Own Correspondent


More or Less: Behind the Statistics


Science and Skepticsm

Little Atoms

Material World

Monster Talk *NEW*

Nature Podcast

Righteous Indignation

Science in Action


Skeptoid *NEW*

Strange Quarks

The Infinite Monkey Cage

The Pod Delusion

The Pod Delusion Extra *NEW*

The Skeptics' Guide To the Universe 5x5

The Skeptics' Guide To the Universe


Short Stories and Fiction

Cast Macabre (Short form horror)

Clarkesworld (Short form science fiction)

CrimeWAV (Short form crime and noir on the hardboiled edge of the genre)

Cthulu Podcast *NEW*

Escape Pod (Short science fiction)

Machine of Death (Short Stories about a world in which death (manner, not time) can be predicted. Some really interesting ideas from the different authors) *NEW*

Patrick E. Mclean (Short articles, longer form fiction) *NEW*

Podcastle (Short form fantasy)

Pseudopod (Short form horror)

Scott Sigler Audiobooks (Novel length serialised horror and science fiction, and Scott's reader feedback and interviews elsewhere. Definitely not for kids.  The current serial is "Ancestor", but Scott's back catalogue is available too, including fan favourites like "Contagious" and "Earthcore")

Shadow Publications (Author Paul Elard Cooley's Feed - short and long form horror fiction) *NEW*

Toothless (Novel length serialised horror - an interesting twist on the zombie genre so far - not for kids).

Underwood and Flinch (Mike Bennett's novel length serial tale of a vampire and his reluctant servant in modern day Spain - again, not for kids)

(Also worthy of mention is the MIGHTY, which has more serialised audio fiction than you can shake several sticks at, and an excellent personalised subscription system).

It's worth noting that the biases of the Internet mean that much of this is horror, fantasy and science fiction - and lots of it is written specifically to be somewhat disturbing (it's horror, after all!).  As I recall, Clarkesworld, Escape Pod & Podcastle will give a guidance rating with stories, so should be safe for those of a nervous disposition (as long as you pay attention to it).


All About Symbian

Gamecast *NEW*

NPR: Technology Podcast


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