Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SKETCHBOOK - A Magickle Sheep

So, the day before yesterday there was some discussion about sportwool, and its amazing ability to keep you comfortable in both warm and cool weather. I think it was photography's Guy Collier who mused on how it could do this.

And the answer that sprang into my head was "...because they use the wool from MAGICKLE SHEEPS." I was unable to get that out of my head, so sat down with the sketchbook for half an hour last night.

Self Criticism Dept:
The head is too blocky, overly large & not oval enough.
The rear legs are flat out weird.
The Paul Daniels Sheep would have presented more of a challenge.
I really should start scanning them instead of taking pictures of them with my N97.

STUFFE will be back tomorrow, all being well.

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