Thursday, April 22, 2010


From Flowing Data, one of my favourite infographic and data visualisation blogs comes this round up of Good Magazine's Neighbourhood Infographics competition. The winning infographic is about biking in Minneapolis - I particularly like the "Sightings" of different sorts of cycle.

From Brendadada out of off of Twitter, this amazing set of wedding photos shot on 35mm film.

Link on Fredmiranda Forums

I used to love using Black and white film, and although I've shot the occasional "Once in a lifetime" set using it, I don't think I'd have the bottle to do something as high stakes as a wedding. shows how digital has spoiled us, I guess.

Get better battery life from your N97 Mini. Smartphones EAT batteries - especially if you're using the GPS to track your rides, the internet to faff about on twitter, &c This article gives you a little checklist of things you can do to prolong battery life.

Also, if you have an S60 Phone, want to use GPS to track running, cycling, walking, ski-ing (you get the idea) and don't yet have Nokia's Sports Tracker, you should grab it.

The new release on SymbianTweet's site.

Sportstracker for 3rd Edition Devices.

The last Beta Labs 5th Edition Release.

Ok, it's a bit early to start thinking about this in this hemisphere, but Treadly & Me has written a good article on bike lights that you can read here.

Bicycle Design has this, pointing you towards the Tyrell company and their rather nice looking road bike. The frame is based on the slant frame of their 20" mini velo frames. It makes for a striking looking bike.

Tyrell Bikes.

From Drawn! comes this idea - take your favourite book, turn to p.100, draw it.

The original article has what more talented people than I have done with the idea. I'll try to get my head around it and post what I come up with.

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