Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ban this Sick Filth.

There is nowtrage surrounding singer Duffy's appearance on a bicycle without lights or helmet (and not paying road tax neither, damn her eyes).

Of course, it's not just Coca-Cola corrupting the young of the country by showing inappropriate road behaviour that will be instantly copied by the impressionable. Look at this ad for the Nissan Qashqai;

In this piece, the owners of buildings are encouraged to turn them into giant marionettes to menace innocent car drivers. It evidently takes so many people to operate these that the streets are devoid of anything other than cars - imagine the effect on productivity when everyone stays in to operate their giant building robots instead of going to work.

And just look at the irresponsibility on display in this ad - despite clear lines of sight, these drivers recklessly drive into each other;

And not a single one stops to exchange insurance details.


Assuming you're not already slavishly imitating Duffy (because that's what people do when they see something on TV, right?) please do use lights when you ride at night - you're nigh on invisible without them, and in the UK it's against the law not to. As for wearing a helmet, look at the facts and make your own mind up.


Red Bike said...

Pft, my local supermarket went nuts when I pushed my bike around.

Now if I had seen Duffies video I would of rode my bike around and clearly nobody would of cared!

John the Monkey said...

If you're rocking a little stripey top like Ms. Duffy too, more power to ya... ;)